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Well hello there. My name is Viv (well, it's not really), and, like a lot of people, I'm ever so slightly neurotic... I have panic attacks and anxiety (ranging from mild to pretty intense), on and off. I also have an amazing and quite high-profile job, so I'm choosing to remain anonymous on here. Not because I'm ashamed of the aforementioned neuroses, but because I don't want to be googled and for my colleagues to read bizarre posts about me breathing into a paper bag and popping lorazepam. I've worked for bookshops, mixed arts festivals and charities, and have met (and still meet!) a lot of famous, fetching and fantabulous people for my job. (See, anxiety doesn't need to stop you being AWESOME and doing what you want to do) Here's hoping you'll find some helpful hints and tips on here which will help you tackle the evil panic heebiejeebs... PS. I'm an Australian, but I live in the UK, and have adopted tea-drinking, pubs, Wodehouse, and a Welsh man.
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Friday, 30 March 2012

Anxiety hero trading cards #4

#4 Kim Basinger

'I'll be safe here inside this hood...'

Vital anxiety statistics: My God she's gorgeous. And she's so southern and husky and pouty and b-yooti-ful. But she is also very ANXIOUS, poor lamb. She has twice been housebound for six month stretches with severe panic attacks and agoraphobia. (And that bastard Alec didn't really understand, pffft. You know you can't trust the Baldwins.)

Career highlights: LA Confidential. Hands down.

Why she's an AWESOME anxiety hero: She won an Oscar. She won the beauty and charm lottery.  She dated Prince. She wore a tux to some Parisian awards ceremony. She's poised and talented and confident. She campaigned for PETA. She tried to buy a whole town. Is there anything she can't do?!

What you can learn from her: DON'T BE ASHAMED. Kim is not crazy. Kim is not drooling into her porridge and sloping around the house in slippers. Kim does not have straggly, greasy hair and a lack of gentleman callers. She just has panic attacks. (And she's not afraid to talk about them).

Best anxiety quote: 'I was in a healthfood store...I was sweating so profusely and I just could not move...I stumbled into the parking lot, got in my car, drove home, and did not leave again for six months'

Further reading: She made a documentary called America Uncovered: Panic about her agoraphobia, and I think there's a clip on YouTube somewhere. You could also just watch LA Confidential and swoon. And maybe even try Never Say Never Again for some classic 80's Basinger/Connery magic.

'You're jusht sho gorgeoush and sh-weaty Kim...'


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